Orthodontics or “Braces”

Our Orthodontic consultations are always complimentary and we will diagnose your needs and discuss all details with you. During your consultation, we will also explain how the Orthodontic will correct your current issues and answer all questions you may have regarding teeth realignment. We understand this can be a life-changing experience and we are happy to ensure your complete comfort throughout the entire process.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Dental Facial Orthopedics & Functional Appliances

Who is it for?
These appliances are generally recommended for growing children as they are designed to correct and improve the bite, the position of the upper and lower jaws relative to each other, and balance the facial profile during a stage of active growth.

What does it do?
Generally, our goal with treatment in young children is to correct the malocclusion early when we are able to actively modify and position the jaws and teeth into a more ideal relationship.  Successful early treatment creates a more balanced upper and lower jaw relationship, allows for proper function and development of the permanent teeth and decreases the severity of future orthodontic treatment if required.
The functional appliances we offer are either cemented or removable depending on the case.

How long is the treatment?
Treatment with functional appliances typically ranges from 12-18 months for limited treatment, to 18-24 months for comprehensive treatment.

Clear Braces

Our translucent ceramic brackets are a great choice for those who desire the efficiency of a bonded appliance along with a higher degree of aesthetics during their Orthodontic treatment.

Metal Braces

Our low-profile metal braces are made of high grade stainless steel and are smaller & flatter in shape than traditional metal braces & clear braces.  They are also easier to keep clean, less prone to fracture & are easier to remove at the completion of treatment.  The wire is held in place with color ties that are changed at your monthly visits.
Through the years they’ve remained the most popular choice for both Children & Adult Orthodontic treatment.

Active & Passive Retainers

Passive Retainers

Retainers are included in your limited or comprehensive Orthodontic treatment plan. They are essential in maintaining the results that we’ve worked to achieve and should be worn close to full-time for the first 3-4 months after treatment and then at nights thereafter.

Active Retainers

For very mild relapse cases, we also offer custom retainers designed for your specific needs.  For retainer-only treatment to be effective they must be worn as close to 24 hours as possible until we achieve the desired results.  These retainers usually involve an active spring or wire designed to resolve mild crowding or spacing and are activated every 4-6 weeks until the malocclusion is corrected.  The retainers are then worn full-time for 3-4 months and then worn at nights to maintain the final results.

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